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Area: total: 945,087 sq km land: 886,037 sq km water: 59,050 sq km

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� Diplomatic Missions - Diplomatic missions, embassies, consulates and more�

Embassy of the State of Palestine

United Nations Road No. 612

P. O. Box 20307, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 32177-8/22254

Telex: 41425 HADITZ

Fax: 31917

Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique

25 Garden Avenue

P. O. Box 9370, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 116502

Telex: 41214 EMBAMOC

Royal Netherlands Embassy

New ATC Town Terminal Building,

Corner Ohio Street/Garden Avenue

P. O. Box 9543, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 112981-2/116556/7

Fax: 1112828

High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

3 Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road

P. O. Box 9214, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 666000/1

Telex: 41240

Fax: 666834

Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda

Plot No. 32 Upanga Road

P. O. Box 2918, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 117631/115889

Telex: 41292

Embassy of Spain

Plot No. 99B Kinondoni Road

P. O. Box 842, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 66936-8, 66018-9

Fax: 66938

Telex: 41589 EMBASTAN

Embassy of the Republic of Poland

63 Ali Khan Road, Upanga

P. O. Box 2188, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 46294/25777

Telex: 41022 POLMIS TZ

Embassy of Switzerland

17 Kenyatta Drive

P. O. Box 2454, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 66608-9

Telex: 41322 SUISSE

Fax: 666736

Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo

438 Malik Road, Upanga

P. O. Box 975, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 31672

Direct Line: 46380

Telex: 41207

Embassy of the United States of America

36 Laibon/Ali Hassan Mwinyi Rd.,

P. O. Box 9123, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 666010-1/666012-5

Ambassador Office: 66884

Telex: 41250 AMEMBASSY

Fax: 666701

South African High Commission

Mwaya Road, Oysterbay Peninsula

P. O. Box 10723,

Dar es Salaam

Tel: 640668-9/640881

Fax: 666559

Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic

Plot No. 276

Alykhan Road � Upanga East

P. O. Box 2442

Dar es Salaam

Tel: 255-51 20568/37568/20764

Telex: 41339 SYRDAR-TZ


Royal Norwegian Embassy

Plot No. 160, Mirambo Street

P. O. Box 9012 (Embassy)

P. O. Box 2646 (NORAD),

Dar es Salaam

Tel: 113366

Telex: 41221 (NORAD)

Fax: 116564

Embassy of the Republic of Sudan

64 Upanga Road

P. O. Box 2266, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 32033/46509

Telex: 41143

Embassy of the Republic of Romania

11 Ocean Road

P. O. Box 590, Dar es Salaam

Telex: 41402 ROMCOM TZ

Embassy of Sweden

Extelcoms Building

P. O. Box 9274 (Enbasst),

P. O. Box 9303 (Development Co-operation Office),

Dar es Salaam

Tel: 23501-2/113085/33581-4

Telex: 41013 Fax: 113435

Embassy of the Russian Federation

Plot No. 73 Kenyatta Drive

P. O. Box 1905, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 666005/6

Visa Section: 34102

Telex: 41747 SOVPOS TZ

Fax: 666818

High Commission of the Reoublic of Zambia

Plot No. 5 & Junction of Ohio/Sokoine Drive

P. O. Box 2525, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 118481/2

Telex: 41023 ZAMBIA TZ

Embassy of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Plot No. 35/36 Upanga Road

P. O. Box 2838, Dar es Salaam

Telex: 41749 YUAMBA TZ

High Commission of the Republic of Zimbabwe

NIC Life Building, 6th Floor

Sokoine Drive

P. O. Box 20762, Dar es Salaam

Tel: 116789

Telex: 41386

High Commission of the Republic of Uganda

Extelcoms Building � 7th Floor

Samora Machel Avenue

P. O. Box 6237

Dar es Salaam

Tel: 255-51 31003-5

Telex: 41305 UGAHIC TZ

Embassy of the People�s Democratic Republic of Yemen

Plot No. 353, United Nations Road

P. O. Box 349

Dar es Salaam

Tel: 27891

Direct LineL 21722

Telex: 41901 RADFABTZ

Consular Mission of Austria

Austrian Consolate

Samora Avenue

P. O. Box 312

Dar es Salaam


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