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30km across the ferry, ½ drive! Self catering Bungalow for rent. Bring your own food, drinks...

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Come and relax, enjoy the pool and eat as much as you want for TShs: 15,000p.p.@

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This Months REVIEW!
From permed to natural hair

From the age of 12 on, I could not wait to relax my hair. I had thick, long and unmanageable hair and was so envious of my cousins who were blessed with silky, bouncy and long hair. The comments from my family did not make my life any easier, for some reason Africans are obsessed with hair that looks anywhere near Caucasian's.…. more

Love is not enough
Relationships are a funny thing. The older I get, the more I realise that it takes so much more than love, passion and a good conversation to form a real union. I have spent the last two years contemplating where I have gone wrong and I am beginning to know what exactly I am looking for…and it is certainly more than just a heartbeat each I see “him” … more

Keeping your stunnas on and keeping your tan so fresh and so clean
Living in Africa is possibly one of the most resourceful places to be in fashion this summer.   From the natural products (Shea butter) for your hair and body to the jewellery made from local woods, everything seems to be just a step away.

Again this summer the focus of fashion is on African print and organic jewellery. Kentai cloth to Kangas are making their way to runways and retail outlets in Europe and North America. ... more

10 ways of attracting Mr. Wrong

As black women, it is important that we get respect from men on a collective level.

It is the only way that black men will respect us on a personal level. Far too many times have I seen a sister bad-mouthing another sister or laughed while other did

the bad-mouthing.… more

Tanzanite is a very special and unique gemstone

Its name reminds of the world-wide unique occurrence in the east-African state of Tanzania.

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