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Lake Manyara

Weekend Getaways
30km across the ferry, ½ drive! Self catering Bungalow for rent. Bring your own food, drinks...

Night Clubs & Bars
Come and relax, enjoy the pool and eat as much as you want for TShs: 15,000p.p.@

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Accomodation In Tanzania
Browse our comprehensive directory of hotels in Tanzania and you'll notice something very different.

Unlike other travel sites we provide full hotel contact information including telephone number and a direct link to the hotel's official website, so that you can make a direct comparison between web offers and direct hotel rates. You can even check out independent reviews and ratings submitted by our users to help you find the perfect hotel in Tanzania.

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Heaven of Peace
Why Dar-es-salaam?

Dar es Salaam, though not a major destination on the conventional tourist route, contains plenty of lively neighborhoods and stunning sights, It cats a charm of its own, which a busy harbour, mélange of cultures, and colourful history Spend a few days getting to know the Swahili coast’s Haven of Peace and learn why people sing its praises.


Tanzanite is a very special and unique gemstone

Its name reminds of the world-wide unique occurrence in the east-African state of Tanzania.

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