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The capital of Tanga Region, is one of Tanzania’s most important ports. It is connected by road and rail to a rich interior region where sisal, hemp fibre, coffee, tea, and rubber are grown.

Besides these products, cotton and animal hides and skins are exported, while local manufacturers produce food products, leather goods, cotton textiles, and handicrafts.
Persian ruins dating from the 14th century are found on an island in the harbour, and beaches line the bay.

In the city are Lead Memorial Hall and Amboni Park. Nearby are the Amboni Caves and sulphur springs. The city was formerly ruled by the sultan of Zanzibar. A German settlement was established here in 1888, and Tanga developed as an entry port for settlers.

Visiting Tanga one of the very important northerly seaport of Tanzania, is a pleasant and rather old world experience.
The city, which was once ruled by the Sultan of Zanzibar, is vast with several districts. With an estimated population of about 2.3 million people, Tanga, close to the Pemba archipelago, bears testimony to a long history of Swahili culture. For tourists wanting to familiarize themselves with the Swahili culture, they could not have chosen a better place. As is the scenario in Bagamoyo and Zanzibar, residents of Tanga are proud of this Cultural tradition which to a great extent dominates their daily lives.

It is not uncommon in these surroundings to mix in the streets and market with Tanga women dressed in their Arabic veils, popularly known as baibui. This dresses which are also commonly worn in Zanzibar are considered to be a respectable outfit.
I would recommend the people who are tired with busy life in Dar es Salaam or Mwanza to go to Tanga, where they will definitely enjoy themselves. It is without doubt one of the best places for recreation, with its prime beaches near the affluent Raskazon area.
As I was getting into the town it seemed calm. I could see some people, vehicle and bicycle moving from here to there. It is the only urban centre where you can come across grass thatched houses downtown.

Where to stay
Panori hotel, a small hotel near the yacht club and beach situated in a quiet and peaceful area. All rooms have air conditioning, colour TV, mosquito nets and clean bathrooms. It has a restaurant and bar. (Tshs. 30,000 per night). Shuniz Inn is situated in town at Ngamiani, near the Tanga bus stand. It is comfortable, with single and double beds and clean toilets (tshs. 10000 per night). Other accommodations Mkonge hotel (Tshs. 30,000 per night), Dolphin hotel (Tshs. 20000 per night), Ocean Breeze hotel (Tshs. 10,000 per night), Pentagon hotel (Tshs. 8,000 per night), Maua hotel (Tshs. 10,000 per night), Nyinda Executive (Tshs. 15,000 per night).

Where to eat
Dolphin Inn located in Chuda area offers various Swahili food for Tshs. 2,000 per person. Shuniz Inn restaurant is located in the town centre and offers various Swahili food such as Ugali, rice, roast meat and vegetables, chicken and chips for Tshs. 2,000. City restaurant is also located in the city centre and offers local and continental meals for Tshs. 3,000


Tanzanite is a very special and unique gemstone

Its name reminds of the world-wide unique occurrence in the east-African state of Tanzania.

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